You are all I dream about every night.

The good can’t overcome the bad.

How can it? When It’s all I want to see?

I’m so easily deceived. Even in my sleep.

Unless the world makes haste,

and until it shows me something brighter 

I’ll be stuck here.

Wanting. Wishing. Waiting.

For nothing,

Not a single day.


I don’t understand.

Good memories remembered, polluted by every other good memory you created in me. Can memories even betray people. Is that even possible?

I find it amusing,How I manage to fall almost everyday into this trance. Remembering something good, then remembering you. Then Polluted.

A good tug back into reality is appreciated when i’m lost in this trance.
My thoughts try too hard to persuade me that the memories of you are bright and good. They should be something remembered.

But there is also the constant reminder that slaps me in the face, the reason why I am so broken today are the same things that “should be remembered”. Suddenly it’s a lose lose.

Either choose to keep, or let go. No matter what I choose

I won’t ever forget. I will always lose.


“I still love you” is the saddest fucking sentence in the whole world

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I sometimes sing to you at night even if you can’t hear it. Just like i used to.